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A floor globe can beautify an office, a study or a family room, functioning as a piece of fine furniture. In addition to their decorative aspects, globes have an additional function of providing geographical information. The political borders of the world, in addition to the thousands of place names and physical features indicated on a globe provide immediate reference and context for today's current events.

Our extensive collection of floor globes come in a variety of sizes and with a range of features. When choosing a globe, keep in mind that the larger diameter globes feature many more place names by virtue of the sphere’s increased surface area. These bigger globes, with diameters of 16", 20", 25”, 30”, 32", and even 40” come with elaborate, handcrafted stands.

Many of our floor globes feature illumination as an option. Illumination provides a glowing accent in a dimly-lit room while also affording increased legibility of the sphere. Most of the 12" and 16" diameter, non-illuminated balls feature raised-relief portrayal of the earth’s geography. The majority of these feature an antique-inspired look which blends beautifully with the finely-finished wood stands. There are also handsome blue-ocean models available in our collection. Note that the 16" diameter sphere has the same place name content as the 12" diameter model, but with increased type size.

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